About me

Co-founder of Bugsnag. Worked at Heyzap in San Francisco across their entire software stack. Before moving to the bay area, I worked for 6 years in the telecoms and finance industries in the UK as a Software Engineer and Project Manager.


Bugsnag captures exceptions in real-time from your web, mobile and desktop applications, helping you to understand and resolve them as fast as possible.
Leaderboard site for github. Calculates a score for a user based on their repositories, gists and follower relationships to approximate the quality and quantity of their activity on github.
Redis Audit
Script to sample and analyze the keys in a Redis database and group the keys according to their similarity. It can then provide stats on which groups of keys have expiries set, when the keys were last accessed and how much memory is used to store them.
Mongo Profile Analysis
Very simple coffeescript node.js application to analyze recent profiler information from a mongo database and output various useful stats to help try and pinpoint performance issues.

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